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SnapEstate was founded by real estate investor and entrepreneur Viacheslav Matsuk who holds his Bachelors Degree in Business Management and has been an avid photography enthusiast since day one. SnapEstate was designed for one simple purpose, efficiency. Realtors all over the world have their hands full; whether they're meeting with clients, negotiating contracts, preparing documents or even just being present at a closing; realtors hardly ever get a break. Not only do they have to juggle numerous tasks, but they also need to ensure quality when it comes to listing properties; specifically when it comes to photos. Buyers and agents alike are more prone to view a property that grabs their attention. That's where we come in! Our mobile platform now allows realtors to request listing photos and even videos at the click of a button. We ensure a quality and competitive price point that is superior to our competition, best of all, we guarantee a completed order within 24 hours! Sound too good to be true? Give us a shot, and we'll send you a SNAP!

Meet The Team


Viacheslav Matsuk

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