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Photography Checklist



  • Thoroughly clean whole property

  • Turn all lights and lamps on, replace any burned out light bulbs

  • Close windows and align all the blinds at the same level.

  • Create open spaces by removing not needed furniture and clear counter tops and shelves

  • Turn off all TVs and computer screens

  • Remove personal photographs

  • Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

  • Hide all shoes/jackets

  • Remove anything related to pets



  • Move cars out of the driveway

  • Close garage doors

  • Remove trash bins

  • Clean up yard

  • Remove any toys and outdoor sports things

  • Remove visible water hoses and garden tools

  • Sweep up walkways 

  • Clean pool/patio area (if applicable)



  • Straighten/push in chairs

  • Clear countertops 

  • Remove any small appliances (less is more)

  • Remove fridge magnets and photos

  • Hide dishes, cups, plates etc

  • Hide soaps and cleaning items

  • Remove visible trash cans

  • Add a center piece such as flowers or candles to the tables

  • Remove hanging hand towels from stove/cabinets

  • Hide pet feeding bowls


  • Arrange the furniture to make room look large

  • Remove loose magazines and papers

  • Clear clutter from shelves and tables

  • Hide all remotes

  • Hide as many wires as possible

  • Remove distracting items from mantel (if applicable)

  • Remove pet beds/toys



  • Remove any visible clothes and clutter

  • Hide personal items and visible cables

  • Close all closets

  • Make beds and straighten pillows

  • Remove items from bed side table

  • Clean under bed, remove items which might show

  • If possible remove personal images 

  • Remove pet beds/crates


  • Clear countertops completely

  • Remove toothbrushes and shavers

  • Clean all mirrors and bench tops

  • Hang fresh towels

  • Remove all items from bathtubs and showers

  • Clean toilet

  • Close Toilet Lids

  • Remove floor mats



  • Everyone must be out of the home. 

  • Pets must be removed from home. 

This is to ensure that when recording, no one is in the way or accidentally caught in any reflections. 

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